When a Tornado Attacks

Had a late-ish night last night. I went to bed around 10.45pm but tossed and turned for a while and I would say I didn’t fall asleep until some time after 11pm. It’s quite odd for me – usually I’m out like a light. Whether or not this has an effect on my dreams, I don’t know. I remember two, though I only had lucidity in the second.

In the first, I was going to a party/dinner type event, and was queued up at a cash point along with friends and other people who were also going. I remember I needed to withdraw £40.00 based on a deal or some such that was running at that point. When I got to the point, I couldn’t remember my pin and typed it incorrectly twice. The cash point then transported me to a room not unlike a cinema or lecture theatre; with seats in rows getting higher towards the back. Many of the seats were filled with people and they were watching the man speaking at the front, and there was a movie being played behind him. I’m not sure what the film was meant to be – informative, perhaps? After all, we were going to be trapped there.

After it finished, I made my way out through a labyrinth of tunnels in the basement. I caught myself in a mirror mounted on the wall as I walked past. I had long hair and was wearing a long red top (I think I’ve actually lost it – haven’t seen it for some months now). I manage to sneak out into the car park and drive away. I remember getting on at an exit for the motorway, and parking up outside a house and looking through the window to see if I had been followed.

In the second dream, the boyfriend and I were at an outdoors event/show. There was a car sales area, fields, a town, all surrounded by woods. It was the day, but quite cloudy and overcast, with the threat of rain. We were going about our business in the show when we looked up and saw a tornado some way away, making it’s way slowly towards the town and the show on the otherside. The car salesman had a megaphone, and seemed nonplussed when I explained the threat. When my boyfriend spoke, he then listened. I snatched the megaphone away and walked back towards the crowd, explaining about the incoming threat and they needed to get away.

All of a sudden, the tornado was almost upon us. We yelled at everyone to get down, but there wasn’t much that could be done as the wind picked up and dust and debris began to get flung about. I raised my hand to control it and lift it off the ground away from where people were huddled. As I was controlling the tornado (it was a good 50 feet or so in the air now), my boyfriend told me there was someone in the crowd who was very interested in tornados and wanted a sample from the part that touches the ground. So I raised a blue bucket and moved it over to the end of the tornado while it was being suspended in the air. It scooped around for moment before I sent the bucket back to the guy, and throwing the tornado away up into the sky.

I flew after it into a field. The tornado disappeared and I landed in the very tall, flowering grass. There were baby deer bounding away towards a small family of wolves. There were cubs there and they were starving. I caught the deer and pinned it down, but it didn’t die and sprang back up as I let go. It was very confused and jumped into me – killing itself.

I’d say there are different gradients of lucid dreaming. It’s not (from my experience, anyway) either lucid or not. There are levels of awareness and levels of control. In a scale of 1 – 10 where 10 is so lucid you can raise your hand to make a mountain raise from the earth, and 1 is where you try to shoot a gun for example, but no bullet fires; I’d call the tornado dream around a 6.

I find sometimes I have awareness without control (nightmares), full control but no awareness (I just “know” I can do these things or have these things, but not really aware it’s a dream), have full awareness and full control (I explain to my “projections” that this is a dream, this is my domain, my dreamscape). I find I also have gradients of both; sometimes I’m slightly aware, other times I’m so aware it burns and threatens to wake me.

Of course dreaming without awareness or control is “normal” but I strive for some level of lucidity every night. Awareness is fun, but control is better. You can then do anything.


3 comments on “When a Tornado Attacks

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  2. Bprep4 says:

    With the climate changes there is a possibility of them striking anywhere these days. We don’t get them here, either. This is a repeating theme throughout my dreams. I like how you harnessed the one in your dream.

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